Monday, June 8, 2009

McAuliffe Campaign Releases New Ads Highlighting State Newspapers' Endorsements

Today, gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe released a series of ads highlighting endorsements and coverage from newspapers throughout Virginia. The ads, which will air on radio and television, contain clips from the Richmond Voice, The Richmond Free Press, The New Journal & Guide, The Washington Post and NPR which highlight Terry's experience and why he's the best candidate to beat Bob McDonnell in November.

"Virginia's newspapers agree: Terry McAuliffe is the one Democrat who can win in November," the announcer states in the ad.

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Friday, June 5, 2009

Governor Rendell Releases Video in Support of McAuliffe

This afternoon, Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell released a video discussing his support for gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe. Rendell announced his support for McAuliffe this morning, citing his expereience creating jobs and his plan for getting Virginia's economy back on track.

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Lynchburg Voters League, Virginia Democratic Activists Endorse McAuliffe for Governor

Gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe was today endorsed by the Lynchburg Voters League, a historically African American organization focused on voters' rights. Citing McAuliffe's grassroots campaign and his record or working to involve new and diverse groups in the electoral process, the group named McAuliffe the best candidate to represent the Democratic Party and beat Bob McDonnell in November.

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McAuliffe Endorsed by Governor Ed Rendell

Gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe was endorsed today by Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell. Governor Rendell, who has created new jobs and championed higher wages for Pennsylvania's working families, cited McAuliffe's forward-looking Business Plan for Virginia as he announced his endorsement.

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Weekly Blog Roundup 6/5/09

There are only 4 days until Election Day, and the blogs are buzzing over who looks like the best candidate to win the Democratic primary. Bloggers are praising Terry for being the only candidate to take a bold stance against special interests. More have recently come out with endorsements of Terry, while other supporters have been discussing polls and recent news coverage.

At Blue Virginia, Lowell reported on Terry's recent endorsement from Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer, providing a post with commentary and a second post with video of the endorsement event.

A top-notch endorsement for Terry McAuliffe, following Ed Rendell's endorsement earlier today...Chris Cillizza adds that Schweitzer's endorsement "sends a message that not only does Schweitzer think McAuliffe will win next Tuesday's primary (otherwise, why fly in from Montana to stand with a potential loser) but also that McAuliffe represents the best chance for Democrats to keep the seat in the fall election." Nice.

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McAuliffe Endorsed by Governor Brian Schweitzer

Gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe was endorsed today by Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer, who joined McAuliffe on the campaign trail. At a stop in Arlington this morning where they greeted voters, Governor Schweitzer cited McAuliffe's long history as an entrepreneur and his record of creating jobs.

"As a businessman myself, I know that Terry's experience creating thousands of jobs and building successful businesses means he has the experience to get Virginia's economy moving again," said Governor Brian Schweitzer. "I know what it takes to be a successful governor. In Montana we have created more new jobs at the highest wages and built the largest surpluses in the history of the state. I am confident under Terry's leadership Virginia will see those kinds of results."

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Thursday, June 4, 2009

McAuliffe Visits Eateries, Talking About Jobs

The Free Lance-Star
May 4, 2009
By Chelyen Davis

Terry McAuliffe may be the first candidate for governor to ask Grady Spades to lift his shirt.
Spades, who works at Jack Brown's Tattoo Revival and has a number of tattoos, was at the bar in Sammy T's downtown restaurant yesterday when McAuliffe came in to do some campaigning.
"Did that hurt?" McAuliffe asked, pointing to the tattoos on Spades' arms. "You got the back, too? Stomach?"

Within a minute, McAuliffe had Spades raising his shirt to show off the tattoos.

He ended by pressing stickers and brochures into Spades' hands, arguing that even though Spades lives in Maryland, he could be a billboard for McAuliffe.

"I'm running for governor. I need your help, brother," McAuliffe said. "Jobs!"

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Terry McAuliffe for Governor (New Journal and Guide)

New Journal and Guide
June 4, 2009

Virginia Democrats will go to the polls next Tuesday, June 9th to vote for candidates for governor and lieutenant governor, among other offices. Next week's victors then will run against the Republicans in the November 3rd General Election. These early Democratic primaries, unfortunately, don't have a history of attracting a decent voter turn-out. It may be that citizens stay home because they discount the importance of the June Primary.

Often the Black attitude has been that the June Primary is a vote between Twiddle-Dee Democrat or Twiddle-Dum Democrat, so it really doesn't matter who wins.

Nothing could be further from the truth this year, although on too many occasions, that attitude has been justified.

This year, three qualified men believe each can lead Virginia as the next governor during these critical times. However, only one will move full-steam ahead to challenge GOP candidate Bob McDonnell. That winner must be the strongest of the three.

We believe that man is Terry McAuliffe.

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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

VETERANS' VISION Endorses McAuliffe for Governor

Today, VETERANS' VISION released the following statement endorsing Terry McAuliffe for Governor:

"The Electoral Board of the VETERANS' VISION publication announced their endorsement of Terry McAuliffe for Governor of Virginia earlier today. Citing an ongoing commitment to military veterans, Mr. McAuliffe was commended for his vision to put over 100,000 of Virginia's unemployed veterans back to work.

"Chad Lego, spokesman for the VETERANS' VISION and an Iraq War veteran, said, "Terry McAuliffe will be a champion for American veterans in the Governors' office. Veterans in Virginia face an 11% unemployment rate and Terry has shown he has the vision, creativity and energy to lead the Commonwealth of Virginia and meet the many challenges that lie ahead for troops returning back home from Iraq and Afghanistan."

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McAuliffe Campaign Releases New Ad to Respond to Negative Attacks and Highlight Call for Lobbyist Reform

Today, gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe released a new television advertisement in response to the false personal attacks levied by opponents. The ad highlights McAuliffe's experience as a business owner and his documented record of creating jobs. It also points out his bold plans to grow Virginia's economy by focusing on green technologies.

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